Play is fundamental to kid's whole child health and well-being. Play is a kid's preferred way of learning, and research demonstrates that play can enhance academic performance.

Despite all the benefits of play, not all children in the Rochester City School District have equitable access to the benefits of play in their education experience. Despite bright spots throughout the district, and a wealth of community organizations committed to the power of play, there is no coordination of these efforts, or mechanisms to support the transition of knowledge and resources between buildings. That's why the PlayROCs Advocacy Committee and families in the Rochester City School District have decided enough is enough! We need to make sure that potential of play is centered in our children's learning experiences. 

Over the Spring and Summer we have brought together RCSD youth, families and organizations to develop a collective vision for playful learning for ALL students in the district. We've heard from hundreds of families and students in the district of what THEY want to see happen when it comes to ensuring play is fundamental to their education.  

On Tuesday, October 5th, we kicked off that vision for playful learning in a one time event! Join us as we welcome Dr. Brian Wright, a national early childhood education specialist from the University of Memphis who wrote "The Brilliance of Black Boys: Cultivating School Success in the Early Grades". Dr. Wright will share with us as how we can take our collective vision for playful learning and bring it to life in a way that honors, celebrates and centers our Black and Brown students across the district. 

Coming Soon! PlayROCs the RCSD: A Community Vision for Playful Learning Report!