Read our  PlayROCs the RCSD report about the state of active play in Rochester.

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Rescue Recess

Sign our pledge to ensure every child has access to daily active recess in the Rochester City School District.

To learn more, read our PlayROCs the RCSD report here.


Rochester Play Walk

Play is essential to a child’s healthy development. That’s why the team behind Rochester Play Walk built this play space in your neighborhood. We want to hear from you: How has Rochester Play Walk impacted you, your child, and/or your community?

Your answers will help us better understand and improve how play spaces are designed, built, and used in communities around the region.

Take the survey today

About the survey: 

  • Responses are anonymous
  • Questions ask about use and perception of Rochester Play Walk 
  • The survey takes 3-5 minutes to complete. 
  • Responses will help Gehl — an urban planning and design agency — understand how the play space is serving your community and this can inform new play opportunities to better serve children, caregivers and beyond. 

Deadline to respond is 10/31.

This project is conducted in partnership with the City of Rochester, Common Ground Health’s Healthi Kids initiativeKaboom! and the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr Foundation.


Not sure what to do? Contact Advocacy Manager Jenn Beideman at 585-224-3151 or