Our advocacy agenda supports our Healthi Kids change agenda. Our priorities are evidence- and community-based solutions to support whole child health at home, in schools, in early-care settings and in neighborhoods.

Our priorities are designed in collaboration with residents, caregivers, child-serving organizations and youth. Together, our coalition members brainstorm solutions, conduct focus groups, interviews and outreach. They bring youth and families to the table to ensure kid and family voices are part of the solution from the very beginning.

Our agenda focuses on bold solutions that build preventative factors for children. Each of our priorities address all four categories of our change agenda to advance whole child health. All of our policy goals help support the creation of the village of caring adults for children and the safe, supportive environments kids need to be happy and healthy.

Our current priorities include:

- Ensure every child is happy, healthy and supported in the places they learn 

- Expand access to services that build healthy minds and healthy families

- Advance equitable communities for all kids to grow and thrive

- Promote the power of play for every child in every place

Click here to view Healthi Kids’ current advocacy agenda.