Our Mission

The Healthi Kids Coalition advocates for the creation of policies, systems, environments, and resources that advance the health and well-being of all children birth to age 8 in Rochester and the Finger Lakes region.  

We advance policies to ensure all kids regardless of race, zip code, economic status, sexual orientation, immigration status, social status, gender, religion, or ability have the supports they need for the healthiest start in life.

Our Vision

All kids in Rochester and the Finger Lakes region have a village – a connected community of caring adults to support them, and safe and supportive environments that will give them the healthiest start in life.  

Together we will abolish inequities in Rochester and the Finger Lakes Region caused by racism, adverse childhood experiences, poverty, gender discrimination, ableism, and community violence to support health and well-being our youngest children. 

Our Beliefs and Values

  • We believe in the power of youth and families having a seat at the table to influence decision-making and co-create solutions from start to finish.

  • We value community experiences and stories as part of evidence-based decision-making.

  • Our coalition brings together “context” experts with “content” experts to advance our collective mission.

  • The Healthi Kids Coalition embraces the diversity of all family structures in our community.

  • Our coalition pushes decision-makers to prioritize children when making all decisions. To improve the health of every child, we need to put kids and families first in how we develop services, design our neighborhoods and create safe, supportive learning environments. 

  • To advance our advocacy agenda we must abolish inequities caused by racism, adverse childhood experiences, poverty, ableism, gender discrimination and community violence to support our youngest children.

  • We believe in a whole child health approach that includes a child’s physical, social emotional and cognitive health and development.

  • Social emotional health and physical health are equally important.