Healthi Kids Kid-History shines a spotlight on Rochester-area kids and teens who are actively exercising their creative, academic, and playful abilities while inspiring others in the community. Kids get a chance to see their accomplishments featured on Healthi Kids website and social media channels. Check out the most recent cohort of Rochester-area kids and teens featured in Kid-History. Nominate a kid or teenager by clicking the link at the end of this webpage. 


Submitted by parent Danielle Kiner: 

Ja'lynn is an amazing 11 year old. Her career started at a very young age. She co-authored a child's book titled, " Pretty from the Kink in my Curls to the Beat in my Step," with her mother. This opportunity has opened many doors for her. Alongside her mother, she presented information about self love and bully prevention. She also had the chance to meet many celebrity artists, feature in national magazines and television shows. Later, Ja'lynn ventured into her own business built around her love of Slime! Ja'lynn started a business called, "Ja'lynns Slime Factory."

Submitted by Julia Oakley: 

Joel Oakley is a 13 year old male enrolled in 8th grade and is also taking 9th grade classes. He has maintained honor roll status all throughout the year. He is very good with navigating computers and wants to pursue a college degree in computer science engineering. He likes to travel. He is a confident young man, prolific public speaker, musician, athletic, very respectful and shows compassion for others

Submitted by Ebony Crawford and community member

"Tejon started his own clothing line in 2021. He is expanding his business everyday. He is motivated and has big dreams. During his freshmen year, Tejon's begin the initial steps to start a a BSU (Black Student Union) at his high school. He worked alongside counselors and his mentors to develop a proposal about the importance of implementing a BSU at his predominately white high school. The proposal was approved during his 10th grade Tejon successfully created a safe space for Black students to discuss their high school experiences from a cultural perspective. This year, Tejon was recognized as student of the month for Black History Month."

Submitted by parent Erica Kellam:

" In any subject unit, Gennie works her hardest to give 110% every class. One of our class units was a new area for most students. We were extremely limited with supplies, and would have welcomed another set of adult hands. Gennie brought in supplies both for herself and to share with classmates. In addition, when she understood a skill, she shared her knowledge with her peers, but continued her own project. She was amazing. One of the things I enjoy most about Gennie is her compassion for others. She is a kind, warm soul. She asks how your day was and then stops, makes eye contact, listens and replies to your response! In 7th Grade it is very difficult to maintain a balance between peers and teachers. Gennie has mastered the balance. She can interact joyfully with her peers and respectfully with her teachers. She is an honor roll student and works diligently for her grades. She is a joy to have in classes. Gennie is also a wonderful artist. She loves to draw and color and is superb at it. Pictures of her artwork will be attached. She would love to draw something for your program as well. Our entire school unanimously nominated Gennie for this award. She deserves it. We all feel as though she is gifted and deserves the opportunity to let her gifts, talents and light shine."

Submitted by: Shawn and Gayla Yarbrough

"Shawn & La'Lah Yarbrough are the owners of this fab, local, Black-Owned Business named Candy Wasted. These two entrepreneurs Shawn (12) and La'Lah (10) reaching the world by bringing smiles to so many. Creating Custom order Candy Trees, Candy Cakes,Candy Baskets and Party Tables. The Candy Trees are made in a safe and sanitized environment." Shawn & La'Lah every holiday donate Arrangements to homeless for the Holidays & The Golisano Children's Hospital. Giving back is worth more than getting sales to Candy Wasted. They've recently added a new component by using candy as a tool to teach financial literacy to their peers, with the Young Entrepreneurs Training Academy."


Submitted by Jasmine Brewer

"Amere is amazing is so many ways and makes his mom very proud to have him as her on. Amere is not your average 14 year old. He puts time into learning about who the real Jews and Hebrew Israelites are. I feel like all kids (especially Black and Brown kids) should know the real story of who we are as a people. They would love themselves better and understand how great of a people we really are. Amere's passion for history is unmatched. Amere is also studying crypto currency and the stock market and could be a great peer leader to kids and teens interested in learning more about it."

Submitted by Natausha Amezquita

"DeAsia has been through a lot of heart break at her age from her father abandoning her to the loss of her grandmother and now grandfather. While facing difficult situations, there were times were DeAsia wanted to give up with. But the help of counseling and support from her mother and aunts gives her strength. While battling stress and depression, DeAsia managed to maintain high honor roll all while supporting her mother in caring for her two younger brothers. DeAsia is an introvert at heart but is focused on being more outspoken as she works towards her ultimate goal of becoming a traveling nurse." Most recently, DeAsia was accepted into North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, a Historically Black College and University (HBCU).