Everyone does something well. It's important to recognize kids when they make an attempt at accomplishing goals. It's also important to acknowledge kids when they excel at their goals. Whether at home, in school, or at the local R-center, when adults recognize kids for their effort and accomplishments it can boost a kid's self-esteem. 

There are many ways to give positive responses to kids when they work towards accomplishing something. Making a sports team, earning high honor roll, or performing in a talent show is certainly worthy of praise. So are smaller accomplishments like completing homework on time, supporting family members, or consistently doing their chores. 

Parents, teachers, and community members can simply provide words of encouragement and recognition to kids. Telling kids how proud you are of their accomplishments can go a long way. So can a high-five, a smile, or a thumbs-up. These small gestures provide the spark that can help kids reach their full potential. 

Healthi Kids is proud to present an opportunity for parents, educators, and child-care providers to acknowledge kids and teenagers for small and large accomplishments. From completing small tasks to tackling larger goals, the Kid-History spotlight is the perfect opportunity to provide kids positive feedback for positive behaviors and actions. Additionally, the spotlight is an opportunity to showcase kids who are making history with their unique talents and abilities. 

Kid-History shines a spotlight on Rochester-area kids and teens who are actively exercising their creative, academic, or playful abilities in school, at home, or in the community. Through the Kid-History Spotlight, kids get a chance to see their accomplishments featured throughout Healthi Kids communication channels such as the Healthi Kids website, Healthi Kids social media channels, or inside the Healthi Kids newsletter.

Check out the most recent cohort of kids and teens in Rochester recognized for their talents, skills, and accomplishments. Parents as well as adults who work with kids can nominate a kid or teenager for the Kid-History spotlight by clicking here