Healthy event raised funds through exercise

Kids enjoy a game at the School 53 Walkathon Nov. 17.

Kudos to Montessori School No. 53 for choosing a healthy fundraiser. The PTA at School 53 hosted its annual walkathon Nov 17. During the event, students walked, danced, stretched, jumped rope and kicked a ball. Eat Smart NY offered healthy snacks and the City of Rochester's Rec on the Move crew got the kids moving. 
Other healthy ways to raise money include fitness challenges, recycling drives and sales of healthy foods or non-food items. For other healthy ways to raise money, contact Healthy Schools Coordinator Alicia Evans at 585-224-3172

Safe walking checked in JOSANA neighborhood

How safe is it to walk in your neighborhood? Volunteers asked that question Nov. 11 as they walked around the JOSANA neighborhood, which includes Enrico Fermi School No. 17. Volunteers were trained to look for bike lanes, curb cuts, faded crosswalks, litter, broken glass and empty homes. They also looked for things that made the neighborhood better for walking, like public art, places to sit, parks, and other destinations.

Safety concerns often play a role in whether or not parents allow kids to walk to school. Read up on the need for places that are easy to walk in Healthy Communities Coordinator Mike Bulger's blog on the National Walking Summit. To help test safe walking in the spring, contact Bulger at 585-224-3171

School district hosts event to engage families

The Rochester City School District celebrated National Family Engagement Day Nov. 18 at Wilson Magnet High School. Parents went to workshops on advocacy skills, courses needed to graduate, special needs supports, PTAs and PTOs and how to raise money in a healthy way. They also tested out a new app that connects them with the district.

Healthi Kids helped support the school district's Office of Parent Engagement, which hosted the event, by presenting a workshop on Advocacy 101. Erick Stephens, parent engagement specialist, shared ways that parents can get involved in both their school and neighborhood to support their kids.

"We wanted it to give parents skills to navigate the complex environment of schools," he said. "I am sure this event will go on for years to come." To learn more, contact Stephens at 585-224-3112 or

Educators trained to use yoga in classrooms

Students participated in yoga recently at School No. 17.

Healthi Kids recently helped to co-host a Yoga4Classrooms training for educators Nov. 27 with a Buffalo-based partner. The workshop shared simple yoga and mindfulness tools. Yoga can help foster well-being, resilience and a positive classroom climate. To learn more, contact Healthy Schools Coordinator Alicia Evans at 585-224-3172

New schools are working with Healthi Kids

Healthi Kids continues to support the Rochester City School District in promoting a healthy school based environment! Over the last several years, we've worked with building staff at schools 8, 10, 12, 17, 18, 23, 33, 42, 46, 53 and Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School to improve school meals, daily active recess and physical activity, support parent engagement activities and more.

This year our impact is growing! We are partnering with an additional five schools: A big welcome to schools 9, 16, 22, 29, and 57.

Healthi Kids will be providing staff training, family engagement, PTA/PTO support, wellness policies physical activity plans and more. For details, contact Healthy Schools Coordinator Alicia Evans at 585-224-3172 or

We're hiring

Speaking of growing, our team is growing too. We are adding a Children's Health Policy Associate to find policy changes that support whole child health.

Share your thoughts on how bus routes are set up

Healthi Kids has long seen the need for active transportation options. That's why we encourage locals and our partners to share input as Regional Transit Service (RTS) looks at changing how bus routes are set up. Share your thoughts in an online survey. Learn more here.

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