Healthi Kids' 2016 Year in Review


2016 was a big year for the Healthi Kids team, we've accomplished a lot in moving forward our change agenda. From summer meals, active schools, healthier school meals, fostering family engagement, and building a walkable, bikeable, and playable city - we have a lot to share with you.

To reflect on the past year and see many of our successes, check out our 2016 Year in Review infographicby visiting our website.

Thank you to all of our community partners, volunteers and parents who have made this year so great. We're looking forward to what 2017 will bring!

Corner Stores: Keeping It Healthy


For many residents, the hundreds of corner stores across the City provide the most readily available source of food and basic household goods. Research shows that access to healthy foods plays a big role in shaping how a person eats. Healthi Kids has partnered with two corner stores in the Northeast Quadrant to support them in offering fresh fruits and vegetables to those neighborhoods that rely on them. New Generation on North Clinton Avenue and Little Brooklyn Mini Mart on Joseph Avenue are using new produce display equipment like shelves, baskets, and colorful signs to make their fruit and vegetable supply more visible and appealing. Healthi Kids is also talking with a third store in the Northeast Quadrant about plans to offer healthy snack options for kids this spring. Through these partnerships we hope to support City residents in making healthy lifestyle choices.To learn more about our work with corner stores please contactMike Bulgerat 585-224-3171.

Reconnect Rochester Organizes the "Great Rochester Snow Down"


If not cleared, even the slightest amount of snow can make our sidewalks and bus stops inaccessible for weeks at a time. This year, before winter tightens its icy grip, Reconnect Rochester would like to invite you to help us keep our city moving by taking part in The Great Rochester Snow Down!

Every other Saturday from January 7 - March 18 at 10 am, volunteers from Reconnect Rochester, Flower City AmeriCorps, and the community will gather together along one major avenue in our area to clear snow from bus stops and crosswalks. Each Snow Down ends with an after party at a great restaurant or café. All volunteers are also entered to win a prize at each Snow Down event! To learn more and to RSVP to volunteer visit their website.

Staying Healthy in the Winter


Snow and cold temperatures mean you get to enjoy new winter activities this time of year! Keep your family active by getting out together to have fun doing things like ice skating and sledding. Check out the links below for ideas:

  • Ice Skating in the City
  • Best Sledding Hills in the City
  • Tips for Winter Play

Keeping a healthy diet this time of year can also be a fun activity for the family. Cold weather fruits and vegetables are now in season and you don't want to miss out! Be sure to check out our blog for information on finding fresh fruits and vegetables in the City during the winter months.