COVID-19 has changed so much in our community. We know all caregivers have been navigating challenges to keep their kids safe during the pandemic. We also know that many caregivers have had to find new and emergency forms of childcare for their babies, school-aged kids, and teens.

Community organizations across Monroe and Wayne County are currently trying to meet the needs of caregivers. As we all continue to navigate this strange new world, we want to make sure that resources, supports, and assistance are informed by data.

That's why Finger Lakes Community Schools, the United Way of Greater Rochester's Child Care Task Force, and the Finger Lakes Reopening Schools Safely Task Force at Common Ground Health want to hear from YOU! These initiatives are bringing together community organizations and caregivers to coordinate school and child care throughout the pandemic.

We're asking caregivers in Monroe and Wayne Counties to take the following survey so that we can better understand your needs. The results will remain anonymous and will be shared with members of the task forces which include: school district staff, doctors/health professionals, community organizations, child care providers, out of school time providers, and funders.

We need YOUR VOICE to lead the response to how our organizations support your kids. The purpose of the survey is to:

  1. Get a better understanding of your current needs/wants/desires for child care and out of school time care, and
  2. Learn what resources and supports you need for your kids to have safe, accessible and quality child care during COVID-19.

We promise the survey is short (3-5 minutes tops!).





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