Tell Monroe County to put kids first in their comprehensive plan! The time to prioritize children has never been greater. By building a playful and kid-friendly county and we can prioritize the health, safety, and well-being of all children in the county.

COVID-19 has impacted kids physical, social, and emotional health. Healthi Kids parent leaders have been raising alarm bells for two years about their concern over the lasting impact the pandemic will have on their children’s health. A comprehensive plan sets a roadmap for cities, municipalities and counties for future investment, policies, and land-use.  Monroe County is currently developing its first comprehensive plan that will set goals for the future.

Monroe County has a unique opportunity to prioritize all kids by creating goals within their comprehensive plan that support a kid-friendly and playful county.

Together the Healthi Kids Coalition, parents, kids, and neighbors are urging Monroe County to put kids first in the city’s comprehensive plan by including language that:

  • Prioritizes racial health equity
  • Increases investment in traditionally marginalized communities and neighborhoods of color in Monroe County
  • Advances safer neighborhoods
  • Improves access to safe and accessible play spaces
  • Increases accessibility in park and play spaces
  • Slows down traffic to ensure all children have safe routes to destinations they frequent (school, recreation centers, and libraries)
  • Supports a healthy food environment at school and in their neighborhood
  • Improves walkability and bikeability
  • Increases cooperation between Monroe County, the City of Rochester, and the Rochester City School District to support healthy schools and neighborhoods

Share with Monroe County today why prioritizing kids in their comprehensive plan is essential! Provide input on goals and strategies for guiding the future of Monroe County by attending the Plan Forward Public Workshop on Wednesday, June 29th from 3-7p.