Community Changers - Youth Design Group 

This is the blog of a group of Rochester teens who met to work with the project team to develop a master plan for the Play Walk.


We have our TEAM! After spending some time reviewing the project and expectations we headed outside for a site walk.  Though icy and cold - we walked Court Street and started imagining where we can bring in more PLAY!   To really get the creative juices flowing, we stopped in for some inspiration at The Strong Museum of Play. 

Next Step... start thinking about where we can stop to 'Play along the Way' and what was in the museum that can be brought outside... THINK FUN! THINK BIG!



Be on the lookout for the COMMUNITY CHANGERS.  This week the teens developed their group's name and will be out in their custom T-Shirts over February break speaking with the community at the Strong Museum about the project. 

We spent this session reviewing what the group took away from the visit to the Strong and started to discuss how those ideas might be brought outdoors.  The BIG ideas from the discussion include HISTORY - GAMING - BRIGHT COLORS - PLAYFUL FURNITURE and MUSIC. 

Next Step... Get out and talk to the community.  Look for the Community Changers at The Strong on Wednesday afternoon.


2.20.19 & 2.21.19

The COMMUNITY CHANGERS spent time at the Strong Museum of Play presenting the project to visitors and seeking input on the project.  This was a rewarding experience and the teens collected lots of great ideas from the children and adults who took time to learn about the project.

We spent the next day in a work session reviewing the feedback and started developing themes for Play Walk.  Next week we get to work on the design.


2.27.19 Design Workshop Part 1! 

The teens spent the work session putting their ideas on paper and thinking BIG about PLAY Walk. 


3.6.19 Design Workshop Part 2! 

With guest Mike Streb, Director of Exhibits and Quality Assurance at The Strong Museum of Play, we learned what it takes to design interactive exhibits for the public.  Mike shared his role with the museum and how critical the research and design process is for the exhibits they create at the Strong.

The teens put their creativity to work and drew their ideas on the map.  

The next step is to take these ideas and formalize a plan for presentation to the City of Rochester and project Partners for approval. 

The teens will come back together to review the final design and get ready for the paint days coming up this spring and summer!


6.30.19 PAINT DAY! 

Working with Artist Shawn Dunwoody, and donations from Sherwin Williams, the youth participated in painting a mural on Woodbury Street at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park.  This is the first of several painted elements the youth are working on. Stay Tuned...