Recursos de salud mental en español


The FLX Teens Are Alright Project brought together a team of 15 teenagers who led the creation and development of these materials. Youth of different races, ethnicities and gender orientations made up the team, and were from the counties of Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Wayne and Wyoming. The FLX Teens Are Alright initiative aims to improve mental health literacy for middle- and high-school aged youth in the Finger Lakes (FLX) Region of New York. The initiative was a partnership between Common Ground Health, Monroe County Library System, Pioneer Library System and the Rochester Regional Library Council. Together, youth worked with a team of graphic design professors and students from the Rochester Institute of Technology to design the resources. A Young Adult Librarian from Monroe County also provided support for the written content of the materials. Funding for this initiative was provided by the Network of the National Library of Medicine.

What is mental health literacy??

Understanding how to nurture and maintain good mental health. Understanding mental disorders, their symptoms, and their treatments. Decreasing Stigma. Understanding how to find and get help effectively.

Mental health literacy is important! Whether you struggle with mental health challenges or not, it’s important to know how you can take care of yourself and support your peers. Know you’re not alone –check out the zine, poster, bookmark and stickers below to learn more from your peers about mental health, and talk to your librarian about where and how to find more information.

FLX Teens are Alright: Teens talk to teens about mental health
Los adolescentes FLX están bien: Los adolescentes se hablan sobre la salud mental

FLX Teens are Alright Zine (video slideshow version)
FLX Teens are Alright Poster
FLX Teens are Alright Bookmarks
FLX Teens are Alright Stickers
FLX Teens are Alright Communications Toolkit

Make connections–connectivity with peers, friends and adults is like a life jacket, it keeps you afloat. Connections with others can also support your mental health. Ask your librarian about support groups, clubs or organizations in your community you might be able to get involved with.

Becoming Mental Health Literate

What your peers want you to know right now:

1. Emotions are normal & valid.

2. You matter & are not alone.

3. Our generation is facing unique challenges that adults may not understand.

4. Speak up for yourself & ask for what you need.