An Initiative of Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency

By advocating for a handful of public-policy and practice changes, the Healthi Kids Coalition is blazing a path for healthier, more active children in Rochester and Monroe County, N.Y. Our change agenda calls for better school food, safer play areas, food standards at childhood centers, at least 45 minutes of in-school physical activity, and policies that support breastfeeding.  You can make your voice heard and become part of this critical effort.

  • 1. Better school food, community standards

  • 2. Safer, more accessible play areas

  • 3. Healthier food standards at pre-school and childcare centers

  • 4. At least 45 minutes of in-school physical activity

  • 5. Policies that support breastfeeding

  • Celebrating Play

    Since 2007, Healthi Kids has been working to improve play in Rochester.  Our work is really making a difference.  See what we mean in our new play video.
  • Treyer Street Play Day & International Celebration

    On August 10, residents of Treyer Street in the Project HOPE neighborhood held a Play Day and International Celebration.  The Day was designed to promote the importance of free, unstructured play for kids, and teach one another about the cultures and heritages of people in the community.  Read all about it in Our Blog.  To see photos and videos of the day, click here.