Healthi Headlines - October 2016

by HealthiKids on Friday, October 14, 2016 10:31 AM

Playworks in the Cafeteria!

For the third year in a row, Playworks came to town this month to deliver training for Rochester City School District cafeteria staff. Playworks is a national nonprofit that works to promote play to support children’s social and emotional health. They provide training on how to create a positive environment for every kid at school to feel included and build valuable physical, social and emotional skills. Together, Healthi Kids and Playworks have designed a new and unique training that takes Playworks techniques beyond the recess yard to the cafeteria! Food service staff and lunch aides spent the day learning new and fun ways to make the cafeteria environment a positive one for kids. The training included several partners like Dorthea King-Simpson from DEKS consulting who gave attendees ideas on how to create a positive relationship with kids and the Children’s Institute who shared data on healthy eating habits in school cafeterias.Eat Smart New York educators also stopped in to present their “ReThink Your Drink” demonstration. Lastly, Healthi Kids gave a demonstration on “Flavor Shaker Stations”, which are being piloted in Schools 53 & 58 (to find out more check out our blog!). Nine elementary schools from the district came out to join in on the fun and left with some great new tools to test out this school year. We heard from many staff members that they look forward to this training each fall and encourage their co-workers to come see what it’s all about. To learn more about Playworks in the Cafeteria, contact Erick Stephens at or 585-224-3112.

Food service staff and lunch aides play a game to learn more about social, emotional, and physical health!

Parent Engagement Conference Coming Soon!

Each year, parents from across the region attend a state-wide conference on parent engagement and PTA management.We’ve heard from parents in Rochester that although they’d like to attend, it is often difficult for them to set aside the time and resources. To make sure that parents don’t miss out on this great opportunity, Healthi Kids has partnered with the Rochester City School District and many community partners to create our own conference for parents right here in Rochester. The Parent Engagement Conference will be held at the Rochester Educational Opportunity Center on Saturday, November 19th from 10:30 am - 3:30 pm. The conference will offer 4 different “tracks” for parents to take depending on their backgrounds and interests. These will include ways for parents to get involved “in the building” (e.g. healthy fundraising in schools), “in the classroom”, “in the community”, and “in the home”. Healthi Kids is thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to parents in the general session about their role in ensuring a healthy school and community environment as a platform to academic and overall success for their kids. November is National Parent Engagement Month so it will be a great time to remind parents how important their involvement is! To register for the conference click here! To find out more about the conference contact Erick Stephens at or 585-224-3112.

Healthy Halloween Happenings!

Halloween is this weekend, which means candy will be around every corner. Remember that “treats” can be healthy too! Here are some events happening in Rochester with healthy options!

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