Recess Rules! Training & Toolkit Activates Schools to Ensure Every Child Has Daily Active Recess

by HealthiKids on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 9:09 AM

Recess Rules! Training & Toolkit Activates Schools to Ensure Every Child Has Daily Active Recess

At Healthi Kids' we know that recess supports the physical, social and emotional development of our kids, and can lead to better academic outcomes! We also know there's a number of barriers schools face to ensure that every child receives the benefits of daily active recess. 



That's why we work to ensure schools across the Rochester City School District have the resources (training & tools) available to them to support daily active recess. On October 6th & 7th Healthi Kids hosted a Recess Implementation Training for 8 schools in the Rochester City School District.  The training was held at David Gantt R-Center and was delivered by Playworks, a national organization that promotes the power of play.  Playworks’ mission is to improve the health and well-being of children by increasing opportunities for physical activity and safe, meaningful play. 




Over 40 paraprofessionals, teachers, administrators and staff attended the training. The sessions were focused on how to create a healthy recess, playground games, group management, recess systems and successful recess indicators.  This training is part of an on-going effort to ensure that RCSD schools provide each student with a minimum of 20 minutes of daily active recess.



Maya Posy, the Playworks trainer, encouraged everyone from teachers to administrators to coaches and paraprofessionals to harness the power of play and physical activity.  One of the challenging components of recess that staff shared at the training is transitions to and from recess. Ms. Posy walked staff through a successful recess from start to finish - including how to ensure transitions between recess & the classroom run smoothly. Positive interactions and attention getters (like these) are an easy way to ensure a smooth transition every time. One attendee wished that her school was like this every day saying "this is what we needed!". Thanks to our partnership with Playworks, RCSD staff and community partners have the tools to make this wish a reality!


Healthi Kids is dedicated to providing teachers with as many tools as possible to successfully incorporate daily recess and play into the lives of all students.  In addition to the Playworks training we compiled a recess toolkit  filled with games and activities for every season.  





From indoor game ideas, inexpensive outdoor game ideas, and resources on the importance of daily recess & school wellness, the toolkit provides resources for schools to ensure every child receives the benefits of daily active recess.

Indoor activities focuses on an array of games that can be played indoors, in small spaces and for various abilities. Hello dance parties and tips for moving in the winter!



Outdoor activities include fun games that can be played outside with extremely large groups and ideas for multiple stations to rotate so there is never a dull moment (think about tic tac toe relay races and bean bag ladder tosses)



Finally, our resource section provides information on the importance of daily recess and school wellness for teachers, administrators and staff.



To access the Promoting Healthy Schools: Recess Toolkit visit our resource section:


To learn more about the benefits of daily recess & how you can support recess in your classroom contact Alicia Evans at 585.224.3172 or 



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