An Initiative of Common Ground Health

By advocating for a handful of public-policy and practice changes, the Healthi Kids Coalition is blazing a path for healthier, more active children in Rochester and Monroe County, N.Y. Our change agenda calls for better school food, safer play areas, at least 60 minutes of in-school physical activity, healthy food  in neighborhoods, and walkable, bikeable & accessible communities.  You can make your voice heard and become part of this critical effort.


  • Healthi Kids in Schools

  • Healthi Kids has been working closely with the Rochester City School District to ensure children have safe routes to school, nutritious food, and access to 20 minutes of recess every day. Our work is also enhancing parent engagement in the PTA/PTO, and establishing community use agreements to allow use of school facilities for recreation by the public during non-school hours.
  • Celebrating Play

    Since 2007, Healthi Kids has been working to improve play in Rochester. Our Play ROCs campaign is advocating for safer, more accessible play spaces to make sure every child is able to play for at least 60 minutes, 365 days of the year. To learn more, check out our video on our vision for a more playable Rochester, and visit our Play ROCs page.
  • Our Policy Change Agenda

    1.  Better school food
  • 2.  Safer, more accessible play areas
  • 3. At least 60 minutes of in-school physical activity
  • 4. Healthy food in neighborhoods
  • 5. Walkable, bikeable and accessible communities
  • *former change agenda items include: Healthier food standards at pre-school & childcare centers; and policies that support breastfeeding