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School Lunch

Healthi Kids has been working closely with the Rochester City School District to ensure children have nutritious and tasty school meals. Healthi Kids continues to monitor, evaluate, and explore additional ways we can reduce school food waste and improve school lunch for all children in the district.


Lunch Observations

In 2013-14 Healthi Kids and the Children's Institute partnered with parents in the Rochester City School District (RCSD) to learn what's happening in the school cafeteria. We wanted to know if kids were happy with the food that they are served and what would make it better. Together we looked at how much food was being wasted and thrown away and we talked to kids about what they like and don't like. Here's what we learned:


After School

Healthi Kids has partnered with after school programs in the City of Rochester to improve healthy behavior. At Healthi Kids we recognize that after school has become the new neighborhood. In some cases, children in the city eat their only meals at school and in out of school time programs.  Children and youth on average spend eight hours a week in out of school time programs. Given the time each week a child spends in these programs, they are a valuable tool to support childhood growth, development and health outcomes.


Parent Resources

Healthi Kids partners with parents in the Rochester City School District to improve children's health in the district. At Healthi Kids we know parents are the #1 champions for their kids. We connect parents to resources in their school (PTA/ PTO's, events, people), national programs (e.g. All Pro Dad's); create monthly coffee hours in schools; and engage parents as our partners in our assessments of school lunch, recess, and walkability.


School Resources

Healthi Kids partners with 14 schools in the Rochester City School District to promote a healthy school environment. We work closely with school administration, teachers, principals, parents and the district to improve school meals, recess, and safe routes to school. 

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