The Play Built Environment, Safety and Transportation (BEST) was formed to develop creative solutions to the challenges that limit play and physical activity in the neighborhood environment.  This group of community activists includes members of community groups like Project HOPE, the Center for Community Health, the City of Rochester, the University of Rochester, and more.


For more information, please contact Jenn Beideman at (585) 224-3151 or email here.

School Action Team

The School Action Team works to improve school food and physical activity within the school environment - including before and after school hours.  The policy agenda of the School Action Team related to physical activity includes:


  • All elementary school students have 60 minutes of physical activity throughout the school day.  
  • Healthi Kids ensures that 20 minutes of recess takes place every day in every school.
  • Increase the rates of students in the RCSD who actively commute to school (walk, bike, or rollerblade).  Healthi Kids will work with pilot schools to increased opportunities for active commuting through broader use of the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) principles and increase engagement of parents in the community.
  • Encourage community members to use school facilities before and after school hours.  Healthi Kids works with community members to establish joint-use agreements, and to connect community programs in need of space to school administration to help make schools accessible for people of all ability.


For more information, please contact Erick Stephens at (585) 224-3112 or email here.

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) Leadership Team

The CPTED Leadership Team is charged with continuing the work established during the CPTED training held by Healthi Kids in 2012.  The Leadership Team is made up of representatives from the Center for Community Health, Project HOPE, Rochester Police Department, North East Area Development, the SouthWest neighborhood, the Plymouth Exchange (PLEX) neighborhood, and Charles Settlement House.  Projects range from improving the El Camino Trail and clearing out an abandoned warehouse on Flint Street, to decreasing illegal activity on Lyell Avenue.


For more information, please contact Dina Faticone at (585) 224-3126 or email here.